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With the recent drought, the residents of California have had to completely rethink the way they use their most necessary resource- water. Though the most obvious daily uses of water comes from our sinks to cook and brush our teeth and through our shower, the yard is another major component of water consumption in the state. To encourage Californians to cut down on their water consumption, several counties have held “Ugliest Lawn” competitions. These competitions would judge a lawn on how ugly and brown it was, intending to embrace the dry, dead lawns that result from reduced water usage.

Thankfully, it is not necessary to let your lawn completely die in order to be environmentally friendly. There are many ways to create a beautiful, lush landscape in an environmentally friendly way and a Sacramento residential landscape contractor can help you find the right way. Going “green,” or environmentally friendly, in a person’s backyard means more than literally having a green yard.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

  • Sustainable – An environmentally friendly landscape first and foremost does not exhaust resources. Limiting the amount of resources needed as well as creating a resource feedback are great ways to increase the sustainability of a landscape.
  • Organic – Limiting the amount of chemicals and the toxicity of the chemicals used is better for the environment in many ways. It prevents the local animals and insects from getting sick and won’t pollute our own water systems.
  • Low maintenance – Having a yard that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance is more than just convenient. Cutting back on the lawn mowers, trimmers, and other machinery helps to decrease air and noise pollution.
  • Native – Using native plants in a landscape has many benefits. Native plants are more tolerant to the local climate, can thrive in the natural soil, and thus require minimal chemical additives. They also attract local animals such as butterflies and beneficial insects.
  • Composting – The most environmentally friendly landscapes include composting. This minimizes natural waste and creates a truly sustainable and cyclical process.

Environmentally Responsible Landscaping

Many landscaping companies provide services for homeowners seeking to create a beautiful landscape that is also environmentally responsible. Speak to a Sacramento landscape contractor regarding your landscaping needs.

Some specific services they may provide include:

  • Composting – An environmentally friendly company should compost all green waste generated during landscape installation or maintenance. This keeps organic material out of landfills and put to actual good use. Some environmentally friendly organizations will use recycled or composted mulch in their services, completing the lifecycle of organic waste.
  • Mulch – Covering the soil with a layer of mulch (preferably recycled) helps to control water flow around plants and to limit water evaporation.
  • Integrated Pest Management – Integrated Pest Management, or IPM is a comprehensive approach to keeping pest populations below the economically injury level. IPM uses all available control methods, focusing on natural interventions while minimizing pesticides.
  • Soil Development – It takes a long time to develop healthy soil. Most landscaping companies shortcut the development process and establish a shallow, biologically inactive topsoil. A thorough soil analysis permits an environmentally friendly landscaping group to identify the necessary corrective actions to revitalize your soil.
  • Irrigation – Water-efficient, low-volume drip irrigation systems can be integrated into a landscape to provide each plant with just the right amount of water at the appropriate time. High-efficiency nozzles that apply water more slowly are great for medium-sized lawns with sprinkler systems. The slower release of water allows the soil to soak up the moisture, preventing wasteful, and potentially hazardous, runoff. It is important to keep water from entering gutters, storm drains, and natural water sources. The chemicals that make your yard look beautiful must be filtered out of the system before the water can return to us in our sinks and faucets. A Sacramento residential landscape contractor may install rain gardens, dry creek beds, and permeable materials to help slow the flow of water, giving the soil time to filter out toxins.
  • Recycled Materials – An environmentally responsible landscaping company will be sure to keep any unused materials out of the landfill. They may be integrated in other areas of the landscape, used for a different project, or otherwise recycled. Using recycled materials for a landscaping project is an easy way to get a worn-in rustic look with minimal effort and maximum eco-friendliness.

These are just a few ways an environmentally friendly landscaping organization may renovate your outdoor space.

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